Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where or where does the time go??

Ok, Ok, I know.... I've been pretty lax about my blog posting lately. I've decided that from here on out, unless something major happens or I just have some free time on my hands, that I will only be making blog entries on Tuesday's and Saturday's. Things are just too chaotic and I've been running myself ragged trying to maintain a household, a yard, spend all day with the babies, keep up on my blog and all the other random things we have going on.

So, since my last posting on Tuesday not a lot has happened. (Hence the reason I really haven't posted.) While I do have to mention some things that I forgot to post last week.... The girls met their Aunt Gretchen & Uncle Adam for the first time last Saturday. They got a visit from Grandma & Pop Pop Zehner on Monday evening and a visit from Uncle Keith on Tuesday. And this weekend Grandma & Pa Pa Flanigan came out to visit the girls.

We just happened to walk into the N.i.c.u. last night while the nurse was giving Addison a bath. Alexis also got her FIRST bath last night too!!! I plan on spending some time tomorrow trying to figure out how to install the software on our computer from our new video camera. Once this is done, hopefully I will be able to upload the videos of their baths and their baptisms. (keep your fingers crossed that I can figure this out!)

Pa Pa got to hold both of the girls for a few seconds while their bedding was being changed after their baths. For some reason the picture I took of Pa Pa and Addison did not turn out, but the picture below is Pa Pa and Alexis while the nurse is changing the sheets on her bed.

Both girls have been a lot more alert lately. They've been opening their eyes and checking things out. While we are told that they can't really see anything more than shadows right now, they always appear like they are looking right at us, especially if we are talking to them. Below is a picture of Addison with her bright eyes open.
Both girls have officially initiated their father into the Daddy club!!! Terry and I take turns helping with the girls assessments and changing's. Terry usually chooses which girl he wants to start with and I take the other and then we switch. Most days, we usually get to change the girls 2-3 times. Yesterday, Addison had a major pooo for her Dad to change. They weigh each girls diaper to make sure that their intake is equalling their output. Addison's poopy diaper that Terry got the pleasure of changing, was her biggest one yet!! On the second round of changing's, Terry had Alexis. While Terry was swapping out the dirty diaper for the clean one... Miss Alexis pee'd all over him. It was rather comical. Below is what I think is an adorable picture of the pee'er herself.

Miss Addison is having another brain scan on Monday. We ask for all your continued prayers that things with her brain bleed are starting to clear up. Monday's are always difficult days for us so I will be sure to make my next post on Tuesday to keep you up to date with the latest & Greatest on our little bundles of joy!!!

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Laura said...

My dear pooped out (aand pooped on !) parents of sweet litlle girls, We love you, all!!!

Love, Auntie Laura and Uncle Paul