Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Yesterday both girls got baths, eye exams and Hepatitis B shots. Here's the fun details....

Their baths went great and during the process the nurses decide to remove the girls from their warming beds and put them in just regular isolates. They now get to wear clothes full time and are maintaining their body temperatures on their own. YEAH!! Not that they didn't before, but they are looking like little people now in their own clothes. Terry and I found some great deals on preemie clothes at the Wal-Mart by the hospital. We've been looking everywhere and one of our nurses suggested that we try there. Right now, their clothes have to consist of sleepers with snaps. Zippers do not allow for their leads to be easily maintained, with snaps the leads can slide through the holes. We've been doing a lot of hands on stuff with the girls so I always forget to take pictures, but I plan to try and snap some tomorrow of them in their clothes.

Both girls eye exams went great!! The pediatric opthamologist came in with some crazy get up on his head that he used to examine them. He dilated their eyes, which they did not enjoy. But he said that as of right now everything with their little eyes looks great!! They will get another eye exam in two weeks.

Both girls also got Hepatitis B shots yesterday. I couldn't watch. They prepped them with some Tylenol so they wouldn't be too fussy but Addison did not enjoy this at all!! She screamed for about a minute and then Liz (my favorite nurse) called me back over to help settle her down. Alexis let out a little yelp but she did surprisingly well.

So, that's about it for today. The girls are having a great week and we continue to pray that they keep it up!!

I'm working on another question and answer blog. I hope to have that up in the next few days. I've been meaning to get to every one's questions for awhile but things have been crazy!!

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