Monday, June 22, 2009


So Addison had an MRI done this morning in preparation for her discharge. I spoke with the doctor via phone about 11:30 this morning and he told me that it looked great. The ventricles in her brain are still enlarged more than he would like because of the bleeding but he doesn't seem concerned. The blood has almost completely diminished and here's the best part......The MRI showed no major damage to her brain. Of course we still are cautious and we will never fully know the long term affects until she is older, but we were ecstatic to hear that there was no visible damage to her brain indicated on the MRI.

I visited Addison today while Terry stayed home with Alexis and napped. She was awake and happy. We are hoping that she will be home in a week or so.

Alexis continues to keep us on our toes but is a great baby! She never really cries she only gets a little fussy when it's getting close to feeding time. We can't wait to have both girls at home and officially be a family of four!!

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Laura said...

God is truely watching over your family! That's the best news,Janet!
Kiss those little darlings for me!!
xoxoxoxoxo Aunt Laura