Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One step forward & two steps back....

So It doesn't look like Alexis is going to make it home this week. I went into the NICU today to find Alexis with another pic line in her arm and she was receiving yet another blood transfusion. The nurse and doctor explained to me that during the night she had several brady's and was dropping her heart rate seriously low. She was choking on her feeds and just generally was not cooperating with anything. They decided to test her blood to see if something was going on. I don't know the technical name for it but they would like her number to be around 28-30. Alexis' was 23, which prompted the transfusion. Everything else aside she is still doing well. She's maintaining her body temperature and still gaining weight. As of yesterday evening she weighed 2050 grams (yes, I still hate the metric system) or 4 pounds 8 1/2 ounces.

Addison is still truckin' along. She's taking the bottle more and more everyday. She's been taking about 70% of her feedings with a bottle and the other 30% through her feeding tube. She also is doing very well in the weight department. We are wondering if she may surpass Alexis soon? As of yesterday evening she weighed 2015 grams or 4 pounds 7 ounces. She really has filled out a lot. She has little chubby cheeks now and just looks like a regular baby.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and prayers. We know they will be home eventually but it feels like I'm leaving a little bit of my heart behind every time I leave them. No one truly knows what the NICU roller coaster hell is actually like unless you have lived through it, and I wouldn't wish this onto my worst enemy!!

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Laura said...

Chin up, you two! These girls have strong genes. They just want to do things "my way". You know how little princesses are!

Kisses and Hugs, Queen Auntie and King PB