Sunday, June 21, 2009



On Thursday Alexis passed her car seat test with flying colors!!! We were hoping that she would come home on Friday but the doctor just wanted to make sure that she was ready. At last check Alexis was weighing in at 5 pounds 4 ounces. See the below picture of her sitting pretty for her car seat test (I'm not quite sure what is in her mouth?) Basically she just had to sit in her car seat for the length of time that it would take us to get home (45 minutes) from the hospital without setting off any alarms. She did great!!

On Saturday afternoon we went to the hospital to pick up our little Alexis. It was very bittersweet and emotional for both Terry and I to take her home. Yes, we both cried tears of happiness and of sadness. We were very excited but also a little sad to be leaving Addison behind. Our favorite day nurse, Liz, had to walk Alexis out and handed her off to us to place in the car. See the below pictures.

Neither one of us really slept much last night. We had decided to take turns with the feedings but quickly realized that neither one of us can function well on 3 hours of sleep. Tonight we are trying a different plan. As I type this Terry is already in bed. I will handle the 9:00pm & midnight feedings and will keep an eye on her until 3:00am. Terry will then take over at 3:00am and handle the 3am and 6am feedings. Then we will both be up and at it again at 9am. We are just trying to adjust to life with a little one and hopefully can figure out what works best before Addison will be joining us.

All in All Terry said that he had a great Father's Day today! The girls made him a huge coffee mug with their foot prints on it. Of course we had some help from our favorite night nurse, Lisa. She has been great with helping us with everything! They also got him some sports apparel that has yet to arrive. But better late than never right? See the below picture of Terry on his first Father's Day with his girls!

Addison is continuing to do well. All that's left for her to do is to master the art of eating from a bottle. She's close! She just happens to be like her Mom and likes to sleep a lot. We are hoping that she won't be too far behind and should be home in a week or so. Fingers crossed!! At last check she was weighing in at 5 pounds 5 1/2 ounces.

We want to thank everyone for all their continued support and prayers for our family! I'm not sure how we would continue to make it through the day without all of our amazing family and friends. We love you all!!


Robin said...

Congratulations!!!! Good luck with the sleeping schedule. Just remember to apologize to each other in the morning for any late night grumpiness...:) And remember, it will get easier and is soo soo worth it!

Jen said...

Congrats you guys! Happy Father's Day to Terry.

Lisa said...

That is great news! Congrats! Little Addison will be home before you know it.

missdreampainter said...

Welcome Home Alexis!!!

My advice on sleep deprivation, well I don't know if I have any good advice, just be aware it can turn into insomnia, which can lead to countless hours of blogging and facebook. Take care, can't wait to see you again and to meet the girls.

Laura said...

What GREAT news! Terry, what a special Father's Day!!!! I may put all my prayers on you two getting sleep!

Lovingly,aunt Laura adn Uncle Paul