Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One handed typing....

I'm finding that it's not very easy to type one handed. Alexis won't let me put her down to update my this may be short.

Addison had her car seat test today. She did great and pretty much just chilled in her seat the whole time. We are hoping she will be home later this week. Fingers crossed!!! See the below pictures of her hanging out. None of her preemie clothes fit anymore. She's a big girl now & is wearing new born clothes!!


Anonymous said...

Janet - so glad to see the girls are doing so well and looks like you will all be home together soon.

Give Terry and the girls our love!

Nicole, Thom, Timmy and Daniel

missdreampainter said...

She looks so perfect, like a little doll. Good luck with the one handed typing, I am still working on it myself six months later. You will soon be surprised what you can accomplish with one hand. I really think pregnant women need to wear a cast during the pregnancy in order to master life's tasks with one arm.

Robin said...

Congratulations and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know I do little happy dances for you when I read your blog =)


Laura said...

As was statedby"missdreampainter", she looks like a little doll. Hard to believe she's out of premie stuff - you go girls!!!
Beautiful, busy days ahead!
Kiss to the girls and hugs to you and Terry.

Love,Al and UP

Anonymous said...

That is so great we will keep praying for both girls for them to continue to grow and meet all their goals. The are doing so much better than Ceci did at that stage! Pretty soon you will have to learn to type with your toes!