Thursday, August 27, 2009

My favorite things....

Ok, I feel like Oprah doing a favorite things blog....But I thought I would share with all since I've recently been asked about several products. Everyone constantly asks us what kind of diapers we use, or what lotion so I thought I would blog about our favorite things today.

(DISCLAIMER: This is only my opinion and things that we feel work great for our family. Please refrain from sending me hate mail if you do not agree!)

First and foremost....Diaper Genie's suck!! Terry and I had two Diaper Genie's and we threw them away because they did not contain the smell. Diaper Champs are so much better!! We have a cute pink version. We actually have two. One upstairs and one downstairs. Other than the smell, the Diaper Champ also has other advantages. With the diaper genie, you must use the special bag. The diaper champ comes with some bags. When those run out you don't have to use a special bag, a regular 13 gallon trash bag will work. This is a plus since the Diaper Genie bags are like $5.99.
The next two products go hand in hand. We love Dreft because it is so gentle on the girls skin. It also smells good. Yes, It is a little pricey compared to regular detergent, but if it is what's best for our girls, price is no object. Shout is also a must have for any new Mommy!! Spit ups are all too common around our house and Shout makes laundry so easy. I don't have a lot of extra time to be scrubbing stains. A couple of sprays and your all set!!

Baby Oil Gel! What a great item if you are dealing with cradle cap! This was recommended by our pediatrician. Obviously, it's just baby oil but in a gel formula so it doesn't run everywhere!! Super convenient and not messy!
The girls pediatrician advised us that we should not use diaper rash cream to try and prevent rashes. I know parents who apply diaper cream after every change. We thought that was what you are supposed to do. Our pedi. said that doing this can actually cause rashes. About a month ago Addison got a small rash. We slapped on some Desitin and BAM, a day later the rash was gone! This stuff works great!!

We use this lotion after bath time. We really have no reason for choosing this other than it smells great. It's supposed to be "clinically proven" to help babies sleep better, but I'm not sure that I can attest to that.
The girls definitely are products of their father! Terry's Mom bought the girls a CD of Metallica songs turned into lullaby's. It's super cute and the girls love it. The website for these Cd's is They have everything from AC/DC to Zepplin.

And last but not least on my favorite things today... The March of Dimes. Because of the research done by the March of Dimes our little girls are here today. I've been doing a lot of research about the March of Dimes and how I/We can volunteer to "give back" for everything they did to help out our little girls. I've met a lot of amazing people over the last couple of days and I'm really looking forward to working with the March of Dimes in the future.


Robin said...

Thanks for sharing the Rock A Bye baby website! That sounds awesome!

Jody said...

I agree on the diaper champ!! It even keeps the stink of 2 boys poopy diapers nice and contained! Will have to check out the metallica CD for the boys!

Lisa said...

That cd sounds awesome! I'm definitely going to have to check out that website!

I could buy stock in Shout and Dreft!