Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We just returned from the pediatricians office with the girls.  They once again received their monthly synagis (RSV) vacinations.  Only one more of these to go.  March will be their last shot for RSV.  Doing this every month breaks my heart.  You would seriously think that someone was killing the girls.  They scream bloody murder after getting this shot.  I'm not sure who shed more tears today, me or the girls?  I over heard a boy in the room next to ours say to his mom "do you think that baby got a shot?  If she did I think we should leave now because I don't want to get a shot because it hurts my throat to scream."  It was the cutest thing.

Quick update on the girls:

Addison's current weight 15 pounds even.  They didn't measure the girls today but it's very obvious that Addison is using her calories to grow lengthwise.  She is a good inch and a half taller than Lex.  They keep telling us that she is going to be VERY tall like her Daddy.

Alexis is currently weighing 16 pounds 3 ounces.  She is filling in and has some of the cutest little fat rolls on her legs.  Terry and I were talking about her little chubby legs in the ped's office while the girls were naked waiting to be weighed.  He said, "remember when my wedding ring would fit all the way up her leg and touch her thigh?  Now, I seriously doubt I can get my watch all the way up her leg." 

The pediatrician is pleased with their progress and God willing we won't be back in the pediatricians office until it's time for next months shots.


Lisa said...

Great update! I always love reading baby stats!

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember those shots Cecilia cried too! I asked the nurse why she cried so hard because she never cries with getting her blood taken. The nurse did say the med does burn a lot more than the other shots they get. So baby them mom they need it! The girls look great! Glad your prayers could be answered like ours!