Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friendly Feast Boo-Fet....

This past Saturday (October 19th, 2013), We attended a "Friendly Feast" lunch "boo-fet" with the friendly witches a the children's museum. 
The girls weren't quite sure what to expect at first but ended up having a spectacular time!  I will let the pictures do the talking......
Photo op while waiting in line....

Two of the many, friendly witches!

Addison was beyond excited to have a witch paint her nails.

They loved this witch's broom

Love them!

Getting painted!

Spider painting and showing off her nails!

After lunch there was a "lights on--haunted house" for the kids to walk through. 
The 3-d glasses were supposed to help give you the full effect.  We ended up taking them off almost instantly.  The girls were having issues balancing and not running into the walls with the glasses on.  Terry and I did the same.  It was rather difficult to keep an eye on the girls when things seemed to be jumping out at you.

Addison made me take a photo of this potty.


And at the children's museum right now they have a transformers display.  The girls thought these were pretty neat!

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