Monday, December 30, 2013

Catch Up....

I have lots to blog about and lots of pictures to post over the next week or so.  I finally located my camera cord yesterday evening and was able to download 250+ photos from the last month.  Somehow it ended up in the girls toy box??  Wonder how that happened???

Rather than be all over the place, I'm going to post in date order so bare with me while I play catch up. 

Earlier this month we received several inches of snow which excited the girls.  They love the snow and never shy away from playing in it.  Unfortunately, I happened to be at work this day but Terry snapped some fun pictures of the girls enjoying their no school/snow day!!

Addison loves to eat snow.

Don't you just want to squeeze her?

Love these two to pieces!!
Like I said....stay tuned the next few days while I weed through all these photos!!

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