Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Stuff....

We've been having a great time in our house these past few weeks.  Just doing holiday things like searching for lights, or making cookies and decorating gingerbread men.  I got to say....I'm loving experiencing the holidays through the eyes of my two, very curious little four year olds.  Everything they say and do makes my heart smile!!!

Saturday morning we woke to several inches of snow.  The girls had appointments for hair cuts that I wasn't about to reschedule.  After making it back from their haircuts, they were begging to play in the snow.  I'm glad I sucked it up and took them outside.  I haven't had that much fun in a long time!!  The snow was the perfect consistency for snow balls and making snowmen.  The girls started rolling up balls immediately.  It was quite hysterical (in my opinion), listening to Alexis grunt as she was struggling to roll a snow ball bigger than her across the front yard. 

Here is our silly snowman.  I really need to invest in one of those snowman making kits so we have a face for our future snowmen.  Our snowman stands taller than I do.

After finishing our snowman, Addison decided to basically roll in the snow for several minutes.  She got wet and cold.  Terry took her inside to warm up with hot chocolate.  Alexis wasn't finished playing yet and I still needed to finish shoveling the driveway.  Lex grabbed her kid-sized shovel and started helping me.  She was cracking me up!!  She kept telling me how much work it is to shovel snow.  She literally crashed hard Saturday evening.

This morning, (Monday) We awoke to another few inches of snow.  Once Alexis saw the snow she was pissed seriously angry, exclaiming...."I just finished shoveling that driveway, why did it have to snow again!!!"   I understand her frustration level!  Love her!!!


Sunday afternoon we decided to decorate our gingerbread men.  I picked up these pre-made gingerbread guys on a whim at Kroger last week.  The girls seriously had a blast decorating them.  It's funny to watch their different personalities come through when doing something like this.  Addison is so meticulous with everything.  Everything has to be just right and placed ever so carefully.  Alexis likes to rush through and be the first one done.  Not that she doesn't do a great job, but she isn't as much of a perfectionist as Addison.

The finished products!!!

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