Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sometimes I can't believe they say this stuff....

Last week during our visit with the real reindeer, the reindeers handler told the girls that reindeer like to eat corn.  She told them that they would prefer that we left corn out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve instead of carrots.  Every since then Alexis has been very concerned about making sure we get corn to leave for the reindeer.

Last night at bedtime Alexis asks Terry where we are going to put the corn. Terry asks her where she thinks the best place would be.

She says she doesn't know. Terry's suggests leaving it on the plate with the cookies and Santa can give it to them.

She says no because he will have his hands full with his big bag of toys and if the reindeer come in the house they might leave mud tracks on the carpet.

Then Terry suggests leaving it outside on the front porch. She responds with the squirrels and the eagles (yeah, we have a huge eagle problem at our house????) might eat it before they get here.

Then she tells Terry he should get the ladder out and climb up and put it on the roof. She said she will hold the ladder so he doesn't fall.

I couldn't help but laugh!!  Love how their little minds work!!!

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