Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa, Take 1

Last night after swimming lessons, we took the girls to a Santa/reindeer event at the library.  They were beyond excited, and in all honestly they were more excited to see a real live reindeer than they were Santa.  Here are a few pics:

First we saw Santa.  Both girls hopped right up on his lap and told them what they wanted.
Usually after swimming we shower the girls at the YMCA and put them directly in their pj's.  It makes the evening a little less hectic since they have school the next day.
Since we were going straight from swimming to see Santa, I asked Terry to bring the girls Christmas outfits and their boots.  Instead he brought their Christmas Pj's.  Oh well!  They still look cute!

I can not even explain how excited they were about the reindeer.  While we were in line waiting, they were arguing over which reindeer it was.  Alexis was convinced it was Comet, but Addison kept saying it wasn't.  Once we got our turn, Alexis asked the lady which reindeer it was.  The lady told them that it was a girl reindeer and her name was Noel.  Noel is Rudolph's cousin.  The other reindeer are currently at the North Pole training for Christmas Eve night.  She explained to them that training is hard work and that Rudolph had sent his cousin instead.
Addison then asked the lady if the reindeer like carrots....because we always leave carrots for the reindeer, along with milk and cookies for Santa.  The handler told Addison that reindeer typically eat corn instead of carrots.  Now they both want to make sure we have some corn to leave for the reindeer. 

Another great event from our local library!
Stay tuned for lunch with Santa....We are doing that next weekend!  They can hardly wait!! 
 I'm totally loving this time of year!

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