Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addison's FIRST BOTTLE!!!

This morning I got to give Addison a bottle. Unfortunately, this wasn't her first, but it was the first one that I got to give her. She took her first bottle last night from the nurse and drank the whole thing!! This morning she was a little sleepy and only took about 3/4Th's of it. But she did great!!! I also gave Alexis another bottle today. She also fell asleep about half way through, so we gave her the rest through her feeding tube. See the below pictures....

We've also been asked to take some pictures of what the girls areas look like in the NICU. The below pictures are Addison's bed site. Alexis' is pretty much the same, but when I went to take pictures, the cleaning lady was mopping the floor. We also are constantly being asked about the blankets on top of their isolates. These particular blankets match the theme of their room and were a gift from my boss, Andy and his wife Autumne. But, my good friend Sherri embroidered their names onto them.

On another note....We've been doing a lot of reading and research about preemies. I just thought I would share some famous people who were also preemies....Issac Newton, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Stevie Wonder, Michael J. Fox, Richard Simmons, Charles Darwin, Anna Pavlova, John Keats, Voltaire, Suzanne Vega & Gordon Ramsey

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Laura said...

Who taught the girls about drinking out of a bottle??????
Yeah, Addison and Alexis. Please tell the girls that they are now our wallpaper!
God bless those little sweeties,
Lovingly, Auntie and Uncle