Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One month old....

The girls are officially 30 days old today!! YEAH!! There for awhile we weren't sure if we were going to make it... But the doctors told us that if they survive 30 days then our chances of losing them has pretty much diminished.

Things so far this week are going good. Addison's head ultra sound on Monday continues to show improvement. The blood clots are continuing to lessen and the spinal fluid is continuing to drain on it's own. This was great news for us on Monday!! We still continue to be cautiously optimistic but it's nice to get great news. She will have another scan next Monday. Addison's weight as of this afternoon was 2 pounds 9 1/2 ounces.

Alexis is also doing well. She had to have her CPAP put back on Tuesday because she was struggling to breath, so the RT decided to put it back on her. I wasn't happy about this, but it truly is what's best for her right now. I just miss seeing her cute little face!! Alexis had her head ultra sound this morning and the doctor said that it looks great!! She will get another scan in a month. Alexis' big news today is that she hit the 3 pound mark!! As of this afternoon she weighed exactly 3 pounds.

So that's the latest and greatest with the Smith girls. I will continue to try to post a few times a week. I'm starting to feel less stressed so hopefully it will become easier for me to find time to update.

On another note.....we received a package today for FedEx with preemie clothes in it. It appears that it was shipped from The Preemie Store?? There was a cute note on it but it wasn't signed?? We have no idea who sent this to us and would like to thank them for the adorable outfits they sent. If you sent the girls these outfits would you please email me and let me know. My email is Thanks!!!

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Robin said...

Congrats on reaching the 30 day mark!! That is fantastic news..!