Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Above...Addison is on the right with her eyes open and Alexis is on the left.
Above...Alexis is on the left & Addison is on the right.
Above...Addison is on the left and Alexis is on the right.
Above... Addison is on top and Alexis is on the bottom.

Here are a few new pictures of our beauties. I wish I could take credit for taking them but I didn't. I'm not actually sure who did, but they were laying on the counter by the girls bedside this afternoon. They didn't scan too well into my computer but they still are cute. Their outfits are actually a lime green color not yellow. Oh well!
The girls are doing well and still just working on eating from a bottle. Addison is now topping the scales at a whopping 5 pounds even. And Alexis is now at 4 pounds 13 1/2 ounces.


Kim Knight said...

Very cute pictures Janet.

Laura said...

Very cute! The girls look so good!
They are beauties!!


Love, AL and UP


Anonymous said...

Awww those are way too cute!