Friday, December 4, 2009


Just thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from the last week with you today.  All photo credit goes to my sister in law, Gretchen.  She took these when she was in town last week.  Enjoy!!

The Fam!!  Alexis on the left & Addison on the right.

This is a typical picture of me on my days off, minus the hair being done and the makeup.  Both girls love to be held right now and are very jealous if their sister is being held and they aren't!  Addison is in the pink and Alexis is in the Green.

Terry and Alexis.  I can't believe how much she looks just like him.  Even everything she does is just like him.  She's his little mini-me!

Me & the girls and my mother in law Linda.  My neice Lila is trying to pop in on the right.

I just thought this picture was adorable.  Gretchen sent this to me and it brought a huge smile to my face.  If only I knew how to use photoshop, then I could paste in my two girls.  Still a super cute picture of all our neices and nephew from Terry's side of the family.
Clockwise starting with Amelia on the bottom with her fingers in her mouth, Georgia (orange), Amelia (orange & green shirt), Oliver (blue shirt), Lila (blue striped shirt).

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Robin said...

Great pictures!!

Any good Christmas ones in the works?