Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pictures with Santa!

We had the girls pictures done with Santa today.  I've been very skeptical about taking the girls to the mall to see the germ infested Santa there, but I REALLY wanted to have them photographed with the jolly man.  Our realtors who sold us our house have an annual photos with Santa brunch.  We decided that we would just pop in and pop out to get our photo.  Unfortunately, even with the best layed plans it wasn't that simple.  After major plumbing issues with our water heater this week, our plumber showed up extremely late to our house on Saturday.  I was thinking we wouldn't make photos with Santa at all!  I text'd my friend Sherri and she came to our rescue.  Terry had to stay home to deal with the plumber and Sherri and I loaded up the girls to see Santa!

I thought for sure that Miss Addison with her stranger anxiety was going to hate Santa.  She was the first to reach our for him.  She went straight for his beard!!  See below pictures!!

Addison successfully pulled down Santa's beard once & Alexis only tugged on it a few times.

To my delight, here is our first succesful picture of my girls and Santa!!  It almost makes me cry!  I've dreamt about being able to take my kids to see Santa for so many years!  My dreams are now a reality!  God is GREAT!!!  WE ARE TRULY BLESSED!!!

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Robin said...

That's a great picture! Isn't it awesome when those moments you've been waiting for finally happen? I remember feeling like that the first time I took Allison to Disney.

Have a great first Christmas with the girls!