Monday, December 28, 2009


I know this is crazy but I feel like I finally won a battle!  On 03-03-09 I had emergency surgery performed to place a cerclage in my cervix.  The anestheologist charged $560.00.  My insurance company paid 80% stating that the doctor was out of network.  No, when I was being rushed into emergency surgery I didn't think to asked everyone involved if they were in the Cigna network.  I also wasn't given a choice of what doctor to use, so I feel that this claim should have been paid as "in network" and at 100%.  I've been fighting this for over nine months and finally got my insurance company to pay the additional $112.00!!!

Victory #2...You may recall from a previous blog entry back in September where I mentioned that the anestheologist who performed my c-section charged an additional $800.00 after hours fee because he performed my c-section at 3:00a.m.  After arguing this charge until I was blue in the face I also got my insurance company to pay an additional $400 and the doctor agreed to write off the remaining $400 balance.

Yes, these are very minimal things but I feel like I have won a tiny little battle that I've been fighting for over 9 months.  Being left with over $20,000 in medical bills, I have to make sure that every penny is accounted for.

Yes, Christmas pictures and a blog entry with all the fun details from our Christmas hooplah will be along shortly.  My digital camera needs a rest.  It definitely got a work out these past few days!!


Robin said...

Way to go! You're right- every cent counts...!

Lisa said...

Good for you!