Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally.... Easter 2013

I'm finally finding a few minutes of spare time to play catch up on this here "ol blog.  I didn't realize how behind I was until I downloaded a bunch of photos that were a couple months old.  So stay tuned over the next few weeks while I get you up to speed with what we have been up to!

Easter 2013

Easter Sunday we attended brunch with Terry's family.  As usual, there was an amazing spread and we all left with super full tummies!  I seriously wish I would have taken photos of the incredible buffet tables.  There was so much food! 

The girls were excited to see the Easter Bunny again....although, Alexis did comment on how this bunny looked different than the previous one.  That girl questions everything!!

Addison with Ga Ga and Alexis with Cousin Lila.

I love this photo of Alexis.  It perfectly captures her goofy-ness right now.  This girl is full of personality and doesn't care what anyone things.  Her facial expressions remind me a lot of my little sister Sandy.

After brunch we went back to my in-laws house for an egg hunt.  The girls were cracking me up with their sunglasses.  They wouldn't take them off for anything.

The kiddos with their baskets!

Oh those glasses....

Look Mom, I found one!

Hunting eggs....

One of the bigger kids (their cousins) got a game in their basket.  Above are the girls trying to figure it out.

And of course, my annual picure of the girls in their bunny ears.  Sadly, this was the best picture I could get.

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