Friday, May 17, 2013

Pour Painting.....

I was inspired by this post HERE  and this post HERE to try some pour painting with my kiddos. 

Since I happened to be off work last Friday because of the girl's mother's day program, we decided to give it a try in the afternoon.  I wanted to be sure exactly what I was getting into, so I tried the first one myself.  I started on the front porch, but quickly moved into the garage after the bugs kept flying into my paint.

So easy to do!  My suggestions.....#1....Make sure you prop your pot up onto something.  We used old milk jugs and other old containers I found in the garage.  This helps your paint "flow" a little quicker.  #2.  Make sure wherever you plan on doing your project isn't going to be needed for several days.  The paint takes forever to dry.  Once you finish your pots you don't want to move them until they are completely dry.  #3....Less is More!!!  I should of read more of the comments on the afore mentioned blogs.  If I would of, I would have known this concept. 

Here are a few pictures of our pots.  I didn't get photos of the girls "painting", as I was too busy trying to keep the chaos in order.  Two kids + Paint=  large messes!!!

If you decide to try it, let me know!  Would love to see your finished products!!

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Lisa said...

That looks so fun. I think CJ and I will have to try this out!